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Sandee H.
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Compounded hormones changed my entire health for the GOOD!

April 2022
As an overall vibrant young wife and mother of 2, in 1994 at the age of 40, I had to undergo a complete hysterectomy. I was not aware of what my body was going to need from that point on, no longer having ovaries. My gynecologist put me on some type of synthetic birth control pills that needed to be changed and/or adjusted over several years due to intolerance. It was during that time, that medical news was being broadcast that women could have an increase of cancer using estrogen and medical doctors reacted. My gynecologist dialed my birth control pill dosage way back and of course, I had no idea what physical consequences would lie ahead for me. Slowly over time, I began to get mood changes and depression. I noticed my skin began to change and show signs of a much older woman...and I was only 49. My own mother had hormonal difficulties, but her generation didn't understand to get proper treatment.
I decided a good beginning course of action would be to have a comprehensive medical exam with a female Internal MD and a discussion of the adverse symptoms and physical changes taking place in me. These awful symptoms were affecting my home-life relationships and making work more difficult. As I said, I was a healthy woman who took good care of myself and ate healthily, and the only thing this doctor did for me is hand me a prescription for Xanax, which made no sense since I was a calm person who rarely even took pain relievers let alone something so foreign as Xanax. The first thing that came to my thoughts was...."that RX was only a bandaid and would offer no improvement for what I went to her for in the first place". I walked out and drove home with lost faith & trust in the standard medical community for this particular problem needed to be properly diagnosed and treated. I was intelligent to know Xanax would have NO positive effect and I ripped it up and into the trash it went.
I began to do some of my own extensive research using what I was dealing with, and at that time more was known about the importance and need to balance progesterone along with estrogen. Finally, in 2006 I was given the name of a pharmacist friend of a doctor who left her medical practice to begin an alternative holistic care practice. She had furthered her schooling and had a vast understanding of hormones and nutrition. She started with cortisol and bloodwork testing to determine what was going on with me. Lab results revealed I was severely imbalanced and deprived of basic necessary hormones a woman needed and my body was not able to produce them. It was the reason why over several years the severe symptoms I was dealing with became unbearable for me and my body was prematurely showing signs of aging.
She believed the best and most effective way to treat was not with synthetics, but with a natural compounded progesterone & estradiol using a lunar calendar schedule to be applied transdermally. Beginning a treatment protocol of natural compounded hormones gave me back a new balance and healthier life. My husband and family are witnesses to how I got my active productive life back with them and others.
YOU NEED to walk in someone else's shoes with the same debilitations....and then find out how something as simple as compounded hormones, or other compounded meds needed by others, can change health without any addictive dangerous medications or narcotics. It has been 16 years since I started compounded hormone replacement treatment. I am tested regularly to verify my levels stay in a healthy range. My dear husband and I just celebrated our 49th anniversary and I am a healthy happy 69 years young!
My normal life depends on compounded hormones....and so do hundreds of others. My story and voice count!!!

Hear their stories, in their own words. Protect their access to compounded hormones.

On this page, we can only touch on the data that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to the lives of millions of women in this country. While the decision to take this vital therapy from patients and physicians might be profitable for the big pharmaceutical companies, it will be disastrous for the millions of patients that those same pharmaceutical companies cannot serve!

We encourage the appropriate committees in both the House and Senate to hold hearings on this critical issue.

Preserve compounded hormones.

Explore our interactive map that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to patients all across the country. Filter these first-hand accounts by state to see just how vital compounded hormones are.

Explore our interactive map that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to patients all across the country. Filter these first-hand accounts by state to see just how vital compounded hormones are.