Using Compounding to Help Patients Live Better Lives with Dr. John Kim

Dr. John Kim talks about how to hack the effects of aging and find relief from a variety of diseases with health care tailored to the individual.


Age isn’t just a number. It’s also a function of how well we take care of ourselves and how well we each feel.

Dr. John Kim, the owner and pharmacist in charge of Robinson Wellness Pharmacy, explains that our chronological age should not dictate our biological age, in other words, our overall wellbeing. Through a holistic understanding of how our diet, physical activity, and overall health care regimen affect our bodily functions—such as digestive performance and immune capacity—we can beat the effects of aging.Human Optimization Podcast with John KimCentral to our ability to remain healthy and vibrant is working with clinicians who can address health care comprehensively and customize therapies for each of us. Dr. Kim, on the LPK Health & Performance Human Optimization Podcast, says working with a compounding pharmacist is part of such an approach, in which treatments, including bioidentical hormones, can be tailored to each patient’s needs. Such therapies, he notes, not only fight the effects of aging but also conditions such as thyroid and autoimmune disorders.


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On this page, we can only touch on the data that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to the lives of millions of women in this country. While the decision to take this vital therapy from patients and physicians might be profitable for the big pharmaceutical companies, it will be disastrous for the millions of patients that those same pharmaceutical companies cannot serve!

We encourage the appropriate committees in both the House and Senate to hold hearings on this critical issue.

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Explore our interactive map that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to patients all across the country. Filter these first-hand accounts by state to see just how vital compounded hormones are.

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