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Peter Koshland shares the benefits of compounded hormones and tailored therapies. 

Health care isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. While symptoms often appear to be similar across patient populations, those expressions are typically caused by a set of underlying conditions unique to each person.  

Understanding that, says Dr. Peter Koshland, requires doctors, pharmacists, and other caregivers to treat each patient individually. Sometimes off-the-shelf drugs can be a part of that treatment. At other times, however, more customizable options are needed. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 4.34.03 PMThat’s where compounding pharmacies can play a role in patient therapy. As Dr. Koshland explains in the Minddog TV podcast, compounding pharmacists, such as himself, work with doctors and the patients themselves to better understand symptoms, as well as their root causes. Only then, can therapies be tailored for each individual patient, which can then be monitored and adjusted over time. 

Unfortunately, though, there are institutional roadblocks in place slowing acceptance of these life-changing treatments. One of the main obstacles is the Food and Drug Administration. 

The FDA, says Dr. Koshland, is not equipped to regulate a treatment that is individualized. Hence, one of the very things that’s helping patients—that singularity—is what’s obstructing its acceptance. 

Therefore, to safeguard compounding therapies—which are the only option for many patients—Dr. Koshland and other caregivers urge Americans to learn more at 

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Hear their stories, in their own words. Protect their access to compounded hormones.

On this page, we can only touch on the data that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to the lives of millions of women in this country. While the decision to take this vital therapy from patients and physicians might be profitable for the big pharmaceutical companies, it will be disastrous for the millions of patients that those same pharmaceutical companies cannot serve!

We encourage the appropriate committees in both the House and Senate to hold hearings on this critical issue.

Preserve compounded hormones.

Explore our interactive map that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to patients all across the country. Filter these first-hand accounts by state to see just how vital compounded hormones are.

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