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Dr. Carolyn DeLucia talks about the importance of testosterone in women's health. 

Testosterone, the most manly of sex hormones, actually plays a huge role in the well-being of women, too. As it does in men, it helps maintain libido, weight, and cognitive function. And over long periods, low testosterone can even contribute to bone loss and heart disease.

Yet, says Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, the role testosterone plays in women is often overlooked. In a recent episode of The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Podcast, she emphasizes that all hormones need to be monitored and adjusted as we age to help maintain good health.

Functional MedicineIt’s a complicated set of tasks and one that needs to be overseen by trained clinicians, including compounding pharmacists. For instance, blood tests need to be performed on a regular basis to check levels of hormones, replacements for which can themselves be customized to each patient and adjusted as their needs change over time.

Such a regimen can help alleviate real suffering, says Dr. DeLucia. By re-establishing a balance in hormones as part of a healthy lifestyle, both men and women can experience a sense of their youthful vigor and help maintain long-term well-being.


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