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Dr. Angela DeRosa joins Terry Fox on The Get Foxy Show to talk about how to identify and treat hormone imbalances. 

The symptoms of perimenopause and menopause are often misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly with a range of drugs, such as antidepressants and sleep meds. The result is that women frequently don’t receive the care that adequately treats the root cause of their condition, which is a hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Angela DeRosa knows firsthand. While still in her 20s, she began going through perimenopause and by the age of 35 experienced premature menopause.

In this episode of The Get Foxy Show, Dr. DeRosa discusses the toll—both physical and emotional—of her misdiagnosis and how she became determined that no woman under her care would ever be treated the way she was. Today, she’s an internationally recognized authority on compounded hormone therapy, a treatment she can tailor to the needs of each her patients.

Dr DeRosaShe’s also a staunch defender of the therapy. As she notes in this candid discussion, compounded hormonal therapy is under attack by monied interests who feel as if the treatment will erode their profit margin. She often speaks out, imploring her patients and all who care for them, to contact their legislators to ensure compounded hormonal therapy remains available to all who need it.

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Hear their stories, in their own words. Protect their access to compounded hormones.

On this page, we can only touch on the data that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to the lives of millions of women in this country. While the decision to take this vital therapy from patients and physicians might be profitable for the big pharmaceutical companies, it will be disastrous for the millions of patients that those same pharmaceutical companies cannot serve!

We encourage the appropriate committees in both the House and Senate to hold hearings on this critical issue.

Preserve compounded hormones.

Explore our interactive map that demonstrates the importance of compounded hormones to patients all across the country. Filter these first-hand accounts by state to see just how vital compounded hormones are.

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