The need for compounded bioidentical hormones is real

The need for bioidentical compounded hormones is significant

Millions of women (and no small number of men) take compounded hormones to sustain a normal, active life. While hormonal imbalance is most commonly associated with perimenopause and menopause, the condition can affect women of all ages, transpersons and men as well. It manifests through a wide range of symptoms that, for many, can be devastating.

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In the debate about compounded hormones, people are the primary issue

The FDA-funded NASEM report wants to hold compounded hormones, customized to the needs of the patient, to the same process as those followed by drug manufacturers. That's a practical impossibility given the thousands of formulations needed to treat individual patients.

It avoids, almost willfully, any discussion of the patients who are served by this important therapy. Nowhere does it consider the first-hand experience of patients (or their physicians and pharmacists) who rely on this essential therapy. The report dismisses, almost out of hand, the idea that compounded hormones help millions of people live normally. 

Listen to the first-hand stories of patients and prescribers who rely on compounded hormones. No other argument is more compelling.


I am not exaggerating when I talk about the difference cBHT has made in my life. Synthetic hormones are NOT the same, and the delicate hormone cascade knows the difference. Not only is your body affected by hormone disruption, but also your mind and your soul. An arbitrary committee can not understand the quality-of-life difference cBHT can make, without talking to patients, talking to prescribers."

Rhonda I. / Milwaukee, WI


The review that NASEM was expected but failed to do

While limited in scope, a new meta-analysis of patient outcomes reveals that compounded hormones provide real benefits to patients and also find that compounded hormones pose no increased risk compared to FDA-approved products.

As part of its commission, NASEM was to review the body of patient-outcome studies for compounded hormones. NASEM chose to ignore that data, instead selecting only 13 studies to include in its report, mostly featuring hormones that are not among the most commonly prescribed. (Studies that matched their predetermined outcome?)

This report, published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society, is exactly the kind of unbiased research that NASEM should have done but didn't.

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Menopause Magazine

"...compounded hormones provide real benefits to patients and finds that compounded hormones pose no increased risk compared to FDA-approved products."


Abundant patient data show that compounded bioidentical hormones work for millions of people

While it is impractical, if not impossible, to conduct the same kind of studies conducted on manufactured drugs on every formulation of a compounded medicine — there is abundant patient data that shows compounded hormones work for many, many patients.

The overwhelming consensus is that compounded hormones help millions of people live normally when other therapies failed.


The facts matter more than ever

Read a third-party, independent analysis of the NASEM cBHT Report commissioned by the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation.

  •  I started using bioidentical hormones, both the estrogen and progesterone. Within one week I started regaining strength and leave the house. With in three weeks I was back to normal.

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    Laura L. / Santa Ana, CA

  • "I am a 59 y/o family physician who has struggled with perimenopause and menopause for the past 15 years at least and finally found much needed relief in the form of a cBHT troche from a locally owned compounding pharmacy.

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    Dr. Jennifer P. / Mount Pleasant, SC

  • I started to have depression and anxiety issues. My wife was struggling with me as well, I wasn't the man she married. I have been on a compounded dosage of testosterone cream for 10 years. This treatment has saved my life. 


    Ken D / Carson, WA

  • I have been prescribing bio-identical hormones for 27 years. I have to adjust the dosage of hormones I prescribe on a regular basis, which conventional hormone therapy does not allow me to do. 


    Dr. Lori S / Honolulu, HI

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Millions of women (and men) depend on compounded hormones to live normal lives. Choose your state and read the firsthand stories of people whose lives have been transformed by compounded hormones. In the debate over access to this vital therapy, their voices must be heard.


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